Thursday, April 12, 2012

180 degree of Changes in Myself.

Like usual, I started my day with a definitely good mood. I smiled to everyone I met and I had a good start on my work. The endless problems were still unsolved, sleeping quietly in emails. And yet, there came in another few problems to be solved. Problems started to swim into my mail box one by one, and my mood was getting down and down and down whenever there was an email fly in.

I was trying very hard to fix the problems and whose know, my problems have yet to be  solved and then I discovered something which was making my mood jumping from the peak of mountain to the bottom of it. Damn it! I just felt like scolding her, who screwed up my work. I was so so so angry anyway. A 5 years old little girl may somehow did the job better than her. She is really "Fxxking asshxxx"!

I was so pissed off because of her and she was definitely fuck up my day!
I finished up my work and went back with a definitely bad mood. I was so not into the mood to go training anymore and I was so upset all the way back from the office.

But guess what, something funny happened when I reached at the LRT station. I met up with one of my friend before went to the training. So I was like asking him "Hey, would you like to walk in UM or take the bus instead?" And he said either way. But he ended up  chasing the bus which was in front of the traffic light and we finally went up the bus. Later we realized that we went up the wrong bus. Gosh! So to save our time, I took out the flyers from my bag and started to talk to the passengers in the bus.
Wow, I could hardly describe the kind of feeling by words. It was so wonderful when you were actually started to speak up and spread out the message to the people around you. I can really feel the changes of myself  then. The one of me 10 minutes ago and the one who took the wrong bus after 10 minutes.
Thanks man, I back to who am I, and I am still who I am.
Cool~~at least, I don't feel bad now. ^^

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